Bill Borden Shook designing jewelry

Bill Borden Shook, creator of The Nugget Ring

Bill Borden Shook, the original creator of the Nugget Ring. The first design was made in 1968 and Bill started production and sales throughout the 1970's. ©

Nugget Ring Original

The Nugget Ring style, created by Bill Borden Shook Jr, has influenced the Jewelry Industry for more than forty years!


Nugget Ring

You might ask, “How do you think of your design ideas?” I get most of my inspiration from nature and from an awareness of the hidden energies in everything.

The Universe is filled with wonder. 



When you order something from me, you will get original designer products.



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Bill Borden Shook Jr

Bill Shook’s creation of the “Nugget Ring” style jewelry in 1968 and the productions starting during the next few years, revolutionized the industry and became one of the best-selling jewelry designs in America.

His innovative design and artistic vision continue to influence the
jewelry and fashion industry to this day.




“I’ve known Bill Shook since 1968 when we were both students on the gymnastics team at the University of California Santa Barbara. He was a jewelry designer and in 1971 he made one of the first nugget rings in 14 karat gold for me.”

— Jim Butters Las Vegas Athletic Clubs (13 years), Software Developer

Darrell Gooden, PhD  Senior Vice President Business Development at Aegir Systems

I recall meeting Bill in the 70s. He came to Ojai, opened his jewelry store, and had also established a gymnastics program, which operated out of my Kung Fu school in Ojai. That was the beginning of a great friendship!

I have one of Bill’s original “nugget rings” that Bill designed. and I still wear it to this day.



"My company, Kazanjian jewelers, is one of the oldest privately owned jewelry companies in the United States, established in 1913. Our office and showroom is in Beverly Hills California. Our family has known Bill Shook‘s family for about 60 years.
Bill Shook is a well-known jewelry designer, who is recognized as the creator of the Nugget Ring. BIll Shook also cooperates with us for jewelry sales. You can feel free to contact him to arrange a meeting with us to view any items in our large collection of exquisite gems and jewelry. -- Michael Kazanjian" Kazanjian is a prestigious name in the world of luxurious jewelry, with a rich history dating back to 1913. Kazanjian has been associated with some major historic gemological finds, including the Black Star of Queensland Sapphire, the Montana Sapphire, the Australian and Mexican Opals, and the Kazanjian Red Diamond. These discoveries have contributed to the brand's worldwide recognition. Michael Kazanjian owns one of the world's most extraordinary diamonds; a rare red diamond — a mesmerizing 5.05-carat emerald-cut red diamond. Before Kazanjian bought it, it was coveted by many, Tiffany & Co wanted to buy it[6]. It was confiscated by the Nazis during World War II and hidden in a salt mine near Hitler's retreat[2]. The diamond later was acquired by the Kazanjian Brothers in 2007, and is now known as the "Kazanjian Red Diamond." It's displayed worldwide, it supports noble charity causes[6]. Forbes Business regarding Michael Kazanjian: Kazanjian was on the Board of the Gemological Institute of America: Robb Report: Los Angeles Times: Wikipedia: Red Diamond:
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